5 Things You Should Have in Your Car in Winter


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5 Things You Should Have in Your Car in Winter

Driving through a white winter wonderland can be beautiful and breathtaking, but also more dangerous than you think. Don’t just think of the worst case scenario, such as an accident, but think about getting stuck in traffic on a cold winter day. There are 5 things that you should keep in your car in winter to make you more comfortable and prevent injuries.
1. Ice Scrapers
Yes, this is obvious, but you should not forget to put your ice scrapers in your car, not the garage or somewhere at home. If you get stuck somewhere longer than you thought, you might need them and your windshield might freeze over faster than you think! Remember to NEVER pour hot water on your windshield to get rid of  the ice, as it might crack and even burst into pieces due to the temperature difference.
2. Blanket
Even if you are just planing on a short drive, keep a blanket in the car. If you get stuck in a traffic jam or behind an accident, you might not be able to keep the engine running the whole time and need an nice comfy blanket that keeps you warm.
3. Water
Take some water with you when you go to your car, yes, every time! Remember that the “emergency water bottle” that you always have in your car, could have been frozen over night, or even during a shorter period when you  parked your car somewhere.
4. Battery Jumper Cable
Batteries, especially older ones, tend to “act up” more in cold weather, so you (or someone else) might need to get a little jump. Don’t rely on others to have jumper cables in their car!
5. Brush
It is very important to not only clean the windshields and windows from ice, but also to brush off the snow on top of the car. Many accidents happen when this slab of snow slides onto the windshield and blindfolds the driver.
6. Bonus: What not to keep in your car:
Don’t keep the door lock de-icer in the car 

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