International Antalya Jazz Festival


International Antalya Jazz Festival

Dream a place that features an ancient theatre with the best acoustics in the world, and dream a festival that brings together on that theatre stage the best jazz artists and bands in the world on the most beautiful days of the year.
This dream dedicated to art, history and culture comes true with Antalya Jazz Festival to be held at the world-renowned Ancient Theatre of Aspendos, which is a Ancient Roman survival, in Turkey on July 20-24.
Hosted by The General Directorate of Information of The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the festival will bring all jazz lovers together in Antalya which is the center of attention in world tourism. 
The Antalya Jazz Festival at Aspendos is one of the most important values of Antalya which is a candidate for the world’s tourism capital will become one of the most important events in the city.
Dream Performers Will Shine on Dream Theatre
Being the best-preserved antique theater and the flower of the World with its acoustics and historical architecture, Aspendos is a dream stage for many artists. This is the stage that will host for five days the magnificent performers that live up to its pretension and are followed by the world. Five important jazz artists will appear on the stage with five important orchestras during the festival.
Opening from Monica Molina
The International Antalya Jazz Festival will be opened on July 20 by the enchanting fado signer Monica Molina. The beautiful artist will be accompanied by the spectacular band Mehmet İkiz trio and China Moses.
During the latter stages of the festival, there will be influential musicians with a surprise in store: Lisa Ekdahl, Cesaria Evora, Macy Gray, Al di Meola World Sinfonia and Fahir Atakoğlu, to name but a few.
Jazz time at Aspendos every July
The International Antalya Jazz Festival brings together art and the cultural and historical aspect of Antalya which is one of the most important tourism cities in the world. Being held this year for the very first time, the festival aims to bring Turkey and Antalya forward among other festivals in the world and targets to become traditional and lasting as well as a jazz phenomenon. 
From now on, it be Jazz time at Aspendos every year in July.
You can make reservations for the festival from all around the world
Festival tickets will be up for sale at the same time all around the world via Biletix ( You can get festival tickets and information about the program from tour operators abroad. You can also buy tickets and make reservations at festival offices throughout the festival.
Acy GrayBorn in Ohio in 1967, the soul and R&B singer Natalie Renee McIntyre, known on stage as Macy Gray, has won 10 platinum records in America and Canada in total. Having featured in Fatboy Slim’s song “Love Life” from the album “Halfway Between The Gutter and The Stars” in 2000, she has also made an appearance in cinema with the movie “Training Day”.
In 2001, by releasing her second studio album “The Id”, she has made it up to number 4 in American Dance Playlists. With her 3rd album “The Trouble With Being Myself” she has earned recognition. Having released the compilation album “The Very Best of Macy Gray” in 2004, Gray has continued acting in movies such as “The Crow: Wicked Player” and “Domino” as well as “Shadowboxer” and “Idlewild” in 2006.
Cesaria EvoraCesaria Evoria was born in an island country called Cape Verde in Africa, on the 27th of August 1941. The Grammy winner folk singer, as a teenager was disappointed about her musical career, however she immediately stood out with her bright voice and physical appearance. She looked after her mother and two daughters by performing in clubs. Evora was 47 when the French manager Jose de Silva came to Sao Vicente Island to listen to her and offered her to work together. Evora accepted the offer thinking that she would at least get to see Paris. 
She prefers to appear on stage barefoot instead of wearing glamorous shoes as she says with her words “with the aim of supporting the hungry and the poor people of the world”. Cesaria Evora’s first album was released in 1988 when she was in her 50s. Famous for the first time, she released other albums in 1991 and 1992. Even though she sings in Creole language, a mixture of Portuguese and African languages, she has gained many fans across the world with her warm voice.
Monica Molina
Her first name is Monica Molina Tejedor. Born on the 24th of January 1968 in Madrid she’s the 7th child of the singer and actor Antonio Molina. This artist, who has devoted herself to acting and music, performs mostly in Spanish or Latin musical themes.
Monica, who usually sings Mediterranean Music, proved to the authorities that she has accomplished something different and elegant by her style. She has released her debut album in 1999 and she won many Golden Record Awards. She has also been nominated several times as the “Best Female Singer” in Latin Grammy awards.
Al Di MeolaAl Di Meola, a pioneer of blending world music and jazz, was born in Jersey City on July 22nd, 1954. Growing up with The Beatles, he naturally started to be attracted to guitar as a youngster and by his early teens he was already an accomplished player. In 1971, he enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and by the second semester, he started to play in a fusion quartet led by keyboardist Barry Miles.
A gig tape of the band was passed on to Chick Corea by a friend of Al's in the beginning of 1974. He was then tapped to join the group of Corea called “Return to Forever”. After a short period of time he has begun to perform his own concerts.
Becoming close friends with a famous accordion and tango Argentinian artist Astor Piazzolla, he became more interested into South American Music. This is why today his albums are mostly evocative of tango music.
In 1996, he got united with Paco De Lucia and John McLaughlin and released an album called “Guitar Trio”. 
Lisa EkdahlBorn on the 29th of July 1971, Lisa Ekdhal is one of the original and unique voices of today as she became famous with her 1994 hit Vem Vet (Who Knows). The song sold half a million copies at once and made her win three music awards in Switzerland.
We can describe her as the worldly admired contemporary artist from Scandinavia with four platinum selling awards and three Grammies on her first album. Her sensitive and fragile voice has surely been one of the reasons for earning so many fans. Moreover, with her simple style, she has also made a new approach in jazz across France and Europe.
After having released her Olympia concert album, Lisa Ekdhal became a huge success and made a huge impact with the European tour.
Nino KatamadzeKatamadze, born in Georgia on the 21st of August 1972, is an extraordinary voice who has been on stage since 14 years old. In 1990, Nino has enrolled at the Batum Musical Institut, Vocal department and in 1994 she has formed a Solidarity Fund for the disabled people and actors. Nino’s career has crossed paths with the founder of the Insight group Gocha Kacheishvili in 2000. Insight, with its original musical concept and their performance on stage, helped Nino earn more reputation and fans. She has also been awarded with several music awards over the years.
Nino is especially known for using her voice just like an instrument while singing her songs and she surely deserves the praise as she reaches to a totally different point in jazz music with her improvisational singing.
China MosesChina Moses is a sophisticated musician owning titles such as, singer, writer, songwriter, producer and also MTV host. As her mother is the famous singer Dee Dee Bridgewater and her father the director of the “Roots” series along with the cult movie “Willy”, she surely followed her family’s path by pursuing a career in the world of entertainment and art. She has released her first single ‘Time’ in 1996 and she continued with other albums such as “China” in 1997, “On Tourne en Rond” in 2000 and “Good Lovin” in 2004.
As Moses showed her respects to Dinah Washington by dedicating an album for her, she keeps climbing up her path on music by releasing many albums with featuring artists as famous as her.
L'Orchesre De ContrebassesThe group that has been created by Christian Gentet in 1981 is a wonder of “musical creativity”. L’orchestre de Contrebasses, displaying the most modern sound of double bass in the world consists of 6 virtuoso. The Virtuosos who are also composers at the same time, with their double basses on the stage display special performances. Gradually, the double bass became not just a musical instrument but also a dance performance with musical and lighting effects. 
The group of “L’orchestre de Contrebasses” continues their eccentric music shows with their revolutionary repertoire and amazing combinations. 
The world-wide known Turkish pianist and composer Fahir Atakoglu, the Grammy winner percussion virtuoso Horacio El Negro Hernandez and the legendary bassist Alain Caron, formed together as Fahir Atakoglu Trio.
Fahir Atakoğlu TrioAtakoglu when he was 7- 8 years old hardly convinced his mother to replace hic old piano. Later he met Cemal Resit Rey on behalf of his teacher Muzaffer Uz. He then worked for Rey between 1977 and 1979. Later on, he studied at the Public Conservatory and went to London in 1980 to study at Croydon College. He had many experiences in London.
In 1983 he returned to Turkey and started to work on music for advertisings. But he especially proved his success by also producing songs for documentaries.
Alain Caron started to play bass professionally in bars in Quebec when he was 11. Caron, has learnt to play on his own and thanks to his personality and talents, he got accepted to Berklee Music School. Caron, who was firstly involved with UZEB band in his professional music career, became famous after a while as an expert in electric bassist. Caron, proud of having so many special bass guitars, has decided to continue his career solo and started to write songs for the band “Lee Band”.
Born in Cuba, he lives in New York and he’s now known as “the best drummer in the world”. ‘El Negro’ Hernandez is also the most creative and talented percussionist. He has won his first Grammy Award in 1997 with Roy Hargrove’s song “Crisol”. Besides the jazz legends that he works with such as McCoy Tyner, Michael Camilo, Michael Brecker, Arturo Sandoval; he has always been known as a unique and sophisticated drummer by rock stars like Carlos Santana and Stevie Winwood or notable Latin American bands such as Tito Puente’s Tropi-Jazz All Stars and Kip Hanrahan (“Deep Rumba”) as well. With his album “Live in Blue Note”, he has won his second Grammy in 2004 with Michel Camilo. Hernandez is now a teacher at Berklee School of Music and also writes music books.
New York Gypsy All StarsNew York Gypsy All Stars’ roots trace back to the annual New York Gypsy Festival. As the band blended the classical Turkish Gypsy music with jazz and funk they have developed original distinctive tunes and style in a short period of time. The band who consists of Macedonian, Greek, Turkish and Brooklyn members, has released its new album “Romantek” in April 2011. NYGA’s staff include the expert keyboardist Jason Lidner, highly praised by Chick Corea; Ismail Luvanoski on the clarinet, Panagitois Andreou on the Electric Bass, Tamer Pinarbasi on the azither and Engin Gunaydin on drums. New York Gypsy All Stars, who has performed in various immense concert and festival areas, has also worked with many musicians and bands such as Selim Sesler, Derya Köroğlu, Brookyln Funk Essentials and Husnu Senlendirici.

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