Long Term Car Rental With Sixt Flexi-rent


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Long Term Car Rental With Sixt Flexi-rent

There are several occasions that may arise where a long-term rental of a car is the best option. Small businesses sometimes win temporary contracts that require temporary transport for an employee. Long-term rental may also be cost-effective for people about to embark on a long trip or holiday. The ability to hire a car for longer than most regular agreements allow can be a very convenient alternative to unnecessary car purchases and expensive leases.
Many businesses decide to purchase a new company vehicle and commit to a long-term investment. This is often a poor financial decision if a car is acquired for a short-term initiative. During these tough economic times businesses need to minimise their costs and keep their cash-flows as free as possible. The decision to choose long-term deals over other methods of obtaining a car can save money and provide flexible terms for the customer.
Flexi-Rent offers a wide range of vehicles
Sixt offers a large selection of vehicles for a number of domestic and professional purposes. Business customers can select from a range of vans that can service the needs of the small businessman as well as the large corporation. The very nature of business is unpredictable; a fact recognised by us, so we can offer deals that can be changed with very little notice given. Flexible rental terms mean that vehicles can be returned early when they are no longer needed. Similarly, rental periods can be extended very easily should a customer require a vehicle for longer.
Brilliant for Low Mileage users
Many large corporations are now realising the huge savings that are possible with flexible deals for fleet cars. Businesses have historically leased their vehicles and tied themselves to long-term deals that don’t always look favourable on balance sheets. Business leaders can rent fleets of cars for their employees with the peace of mind in knowing that their contracts are more accessible 6-12 month terms. The ability to rent fleets for low-mileage driving is giving businesses the confidence to give their employees the cars they need. The worry of being left with expensive assets when income levels drop is simply not an issue; with such a short-term commitment cars can be returned easily and the expenses taken off the company’s profit and loss account.
The world of business is not predictable; car procurement for business should be flexible to reflect that. The ability to create a bespoke rental agreement with a knowledgeable sales professional helps business leaders to plan for the future. The needs of many businesses can change very quickly; particularly in the current financial climate. Sixt flexi -rent allows low mileage users to have all of the benefits of contract hire without the long lead times and lengthy contract periods.

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